Content Development Program

Word Speaks your Thoughts

Public Relations is the deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish mutual understanding between an organization and its Publics ( viz. target group) . It is a proven fact that PR has become strongest vehicle to achieve occupational success.

Communication is the cardinal component of Public Relations. It can bridge the gap and at the same time it can expand the chasm . Hence it is imperative to design the content of communication with utmost meticulousness. Thus the task of developing the content of all communication materials is of paramount importance.

Keeping in mind the enormous demand of content development , ABSC Groups has floated an exclusive division for composing customized communication materials. Sri Purandar Sengupta (DPR, PGDPR) a seasoned Public Relations Practitioner is functioning as the Advisor of this division. The group develops the following materials:-



Project Reports

Business Proposals

Annual Reports

Strategic Reports

Branding Reports


Institutional Profile

Personal Profile

Concept Paper

……………………………………… and many more