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A Few words about our company. Within a short time-frame it has emerged as a multi-dimensional consultancy firm branded by its technical competence, functional resilience, structural fluidity and proactive gesture.

Instead of keeping us cloistered within any sector-specific framework, we are continually emanating our distinct proclivity towards multifarious disciplines, without striking any sort of compromise with qualitative excellence.

Our cutting-edge performance and rock-solid integrity have carved a distinct niche for us in the market. The exponential success of the firm may be ascribed to the revered members of our stupendous human resource, who are well reputed for their unplumbed conceptual-profundity in different techno–managerial areas. Their synchronized effort has imparted tremendous fillip to us, beefing up our morale day by day, gradually turning it into one with indelible status.

The process of consolidation and elevation goes on in tandem!!!

With insatiable passion and invincible momentum, we go on accomplishing more and more laurels with the aim of outpacing each and every conventional benchmark in the industry.

We are exploring the infinite to orchestrate immeasurable expansion.


  • rahul

    Rahul Choudhury

    Creative Director

    Rahul, the creative think tank of ABSC Groups. With over a decade of creative experience, Rahul has been hands-on with many successful and acclaimed design, ad films and shorts.

    His skill is in Visual Communication and in the understanding & usability of communication design tools for a wide variety of media.

    He also associate with world film Director like Vimukti Jayasundara, Kaushik Ganguly, Atanu Ghosh, Late Bappaditya Bandhopadhye and many film director more.

  • Palash

    Arnab Bagchi

    Chairman and Managing Director

    ABSC GROUPS is the brainchild of Arnab Bagchi….. an efficacious and adroit Hardware Engineer.

    Endowed with the A+ & N+ Certification from the renowned organization IIHT Arnab is presently the Proprietor as well as the chief functionary of ABSC GROUPS Through his hard work, dedication and tremendous conceptual clarity he has carved a distant niche for himself as an awe-inspiring Hardware Engineer.

    Arnab Bagchi has also successfully carved his own niche as a priceless creative-designer. His intrinsic talent and achieved expertise have got judiciously amalgamated, thus branding him as a paragon of paramount creativity.

  • sc

    Sumanta Chowdhury


    Being an expert of viability-analysis , he epitomizes the think-tank of the organization . As the principal planner of ABSC GROUPS, he is responsible for designing the rudimentary policy of the institution as well as the operational maneuver of the adopted projects. The task of heaving and harnessing appropriate manpower for project-implementation lies upon his reliable shoulders. With utmost vigilance, he analyses the progress of the projects and tries to extrapolate the reinforcing factors that may enhance the precision of the projects as well as the formidable factors that may vitiate the prosperity of the projects. Accordingly he deploys strategic maneuver for intensifying the reinforcing factors and de-escalating the disruptive factors of the projects.

    Through relentless effort and impregnable diligence, the astute Chowdhury tries to ensure perfect utilization of the project -inputs for harvesting the generation of optimum output , thus maximizing the profitability of the projects.

  • km

    Kunal Mitra

    Financial manager

    Financial manager.

For any quarry about our company. Always fill free to contact us. We will try our level best to solve it.