We are a 5 year young advertising house which caters to the entire length and breadth of communication needs of many prestigious brands. Our daily job is to infuse oxygen to the clients’ businesses by partnering with them as the communication experts. We are home to thinkers who are game-changers, and are seamlessly connecting brands across all consumer touch points. We have successfully blended the richness of traditional understanding of advertising with in-demand technologically driven new age media. That’s why we are a perfect one-stop destination for our clients when it comes to integrated communication solutions.

We are small; yet we are high on uncommon ambitions and ideas! A young team of 2 people in 1 locations in Kolkata, led by thought leaders and visionaries, we produce quality on daily basis. We are ever curious, we learn from our seniors and juniors, too! That’s why we have transparent cabin doors and ingenious company policies.

To cut through clutter, we use the double-edged sword of Strategic Thought and Aesthetic Design. We play the role of Brand Custodian and develop a focused strategy that positions the brand precisely, provokes thought and impacts positive change in the target segment. Our communications, therefore lead to quicker results!